Friday, December 16, 2011

Alliance for Education statement on Interim Superintendent Enfield's announcement

Seattle – December 16, 2011 – The Board of Directors of the Alliance for Education has released the following statement concerning Dr. Susan Enfield’s announcement today.

Interim Superintendent Susan Enfield’s leadership over the last nine months brought tremendous energy and focus to the work of the district. Her announcement today that she will not seek the permanent Superintendency is deeply disappointing.

We are now on pace to have our third Superintendent in five years.

The Seattle Public Schools family – of students, parents, teachers, principals, staff and community supporters ‐ deserves stability and quality. We know this is possible. Indeed, the positive academic momentum demonstrated this year – both system wide and at many individual schools – is proof of what can be done with intentional leadership. But today we fall short of our shared goals.

The task now falls to our community to determine how to move forward. Over 48,000 students attend our public schools – three out of every four children in Seattle. Our obligation is to them, and to providing the excellent education they deserve. In this city of gorgeous natural resources, brilliant entrepreneurs, devoted public servants and generous, engaged citizens, we should expect no less than the best. A new conversation begins.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finally here! Footage from the State of the District Address

Dr. Susan Enfield, Seattle Public Schools' Interim Superintendent, delivered a very strong State of the District report at the end of November. The achievement gains and operational improvements cited give great reason for hope and confidence in what can be accomplished. While much work remains to deliver on the promise of a college-ready education for all, the forward momentum is palpable!

Reference was made to potentially lowering the 2013 outcome goals. The Alliance believes that this should not be considered an option. Instead of having a conversation around whether and how far we should lower our goals, we should be having a conversation around what we - as an entire community invested in the success of our public schools - need to do faster and better to meet or exceed the goals that have been set.

"Attacking Gaps, Raising Expectations Everywhere" means just that. Lowering outcome goals flies directly in the face of the spirit of AGREE, which is a very compelling rallying cry.

The individual schools cited in this presentation demonstrate just how much progress can be made in a short period of time under strong, deliberate leadership. Let us look to those and other high achieving schools for the path forward, rather than be content to lower our sights and ambitions on behalf of school children across our city!

For more information in on the data referred to in Dr. Enfield's presentation, CLICK HERE